Glasgow Scottie Track and Field

Summer Camps
June 20-21 in Corvallis, MT Corvallis Montana Throwing Camp
Javelin June 20, Shot/Disc June 21

June 26-28 in Fargo, ND NDSU Track & Field Camp
Hurdles, sprints, long/triple jump, high jump, shot put

June 26-29 in Fargo, ND NDSU Pole Vault Camp

June 26-29 in Fargo, ND NDSU Distance Camp

June 29-30 in Glendive, MT Montana Pole Vault Camp

June 30-July 1 in Bozeman, MT MSU Bobcat 2018 Track & Field Camp

July 18-21 in Polson, MT GIRLS Track & Field Camp

July 20 in Billings, MT World Record Camp
Triple & Long Jump, High Jump, Javelin, Hurdles, Sprints, Pole Vault

July 22-25 in Bozeman, MT 2018 Bobcat Distance Running Camp

July 23-26 in Fargo, ND NDSU Track & Field Camp
Javelin, long/triple jump, high jump, shot put, discus

Notes From State
Scottie girls 40.33 point total from Saturday is their 4th highest point total since going class B in 1993.
2011 - 60
2008 - 49
2007 - 44

Scottie boys 33 point total from the state meet this weekend was their 7th highest since Glasgow went class B in 1993.

2011 - 61
2009 - 43
2015 - 41
1993 - 39
1999 - 36
2017 - 34

Ellis 7th best 1600m/mile in Glasgow state track meet history
Wilson 10th best

Ellis 5th best 3200m/2-mile time: fastest since 1979
Wilson 6th

Brett Glaser in triple jump third best in Scottie history, at 44’ 5. One foot behind Coach Wesen’s second place mark in 1975.

Baylie Chappell ran 12.77 in prelims, 12.82 at state. At divisional, she ran a 12.72. All 3 times put her in third place on the record board in the 100m

26.42 in the 200 puts her 4th on the record board

Emily Kolstad 60.03 in the 400m is second only to Paulette Marks’ 59.6 in Scottie state history.

Emily’s 2:22.87 is the 5th fastest at state in the 800m and 5th on the Scottie record board

1600m relay fifth best on record board: 4:12.04

The 2018 State Track Meet will be held in Laurel, May 25-26th.

We'll leave at 10 a.m. on Thursday morning. We will get Subway orders early this week so we can have meals to take with us.

We'll stay in Billings, at the Days Inn Parkway. Practice for Class B teams starts at 4 p.m. on Thursday. After we all get a practice in, you'll return to the hotel to shower and then head out to eat. Dress is semi-formal. We'll have a team meeting after returning to the hotel.

Friday morning some will go early to weigh in the implements, and boys jav throwers will begin at 9 a.m.

After Day 1 concludes, we'll head back to the hotel, shower, and then head out to a nice place to eat. This is a semi-formal dinner, so please dress accordingly!

Saturday we'll head back over and continue through Day 2. Our plan is to leave at the conclusion of the meet, and get back as early as we can for graduation Sunday.

A couple notes:
- You know this, but we will continue to expect you to be polite and represent Glasgow well at all times
- No blue jeans or inappropriate message t-shirts!
- Bring some money for T-shirts, and also for a few snacks.
- The school will provide meals, but you'll probably get hungry during the down times.

State Meet Schedule

State Meet Preliminary Heat Sheets

State Meet Rules

State Meet Coach Info

Divisional P.R. List
2B District Meet
Glasgow will host the 2B District Track Meet along with the 3C District Meet on Saturday, May 12, 2018.

Field events and running events will begin at 9 a.m.

We are only allowed 5 entries per event, and at this point of the year, it comes down to who the coaches believe can bring us the best results in each event as we attempt to do our best at the district, divisional and state levels.

Entries By Event

Entries By Athlete

District Schedule

Wolf Point And Hinsdale Meets
Glasgow will participate in the Gene Nelson Memorial Track Meet in Wolf Point this Friday, May 4th. The bus will leave Glasgow at 10 a.m. and the meet starts at noon.

Wolf Point Entries

Wolf Point Athlete Entries

Wolf Point Schedule

Then on Saturday, we'll participate in the Jean Dreikosen Memorial Track Meet in Glasgow.

Hinsdale Entries

Hinsdale Schedule

Sidney Meet Info
We'll leave from the high school at 5:45 a.m. - please be here at least by 5:30 a.m.



Event Entries

Athlete Entries

Qualifier Meet
We'll hold the annual Scottie Qualifier meet on Monday, April 16th, but will run this as a full meet due to our lack of competitions this spring.

Athlete Entries

Event Entries

Wibaux Invitational - postponed
The Wibaux Meet in Glendive has been postponed to Monday, but since we'll have our meet at home, we will not attend.
Glasgow Invitational (April 28th)
The field events will start at 9, running events at 9:30 a.m.


Glasgow Entries By Athlete

Glasgow Entries By Event

Frenchtown Meet
Hey parents & athletes:

Our trip to Frenchtown has been canceled. We will host our own meet on Tuesday, April 10th starting at 9 a.m.

Week #3
Monday, 3/26/18 Hills, Skills & Drills
3:35 p.m. Meet in gym

Tuesday, 3/27/18 Q1
3:35 p.m. Meet in shed

Wednesday, 3/28/18 Speed, Skills & Drills Jump Night
3:35 p.m. Meet in shed

Thursday, 3/29/18 Q2
3:35 p.m. Meet in shed

Friday, 3/30/18 Good Friday – Skills & Drills
3:35 p.m. Meet @ track

Saturday, 3/31/18 Skills & Drills
10 a.m. Meet @ track

Week #2 Tentative Practice Schedule
Monday, 3/19/18
3:35 p.m. Meet in gym
3:45 p.m. 5 min. jog in gym
3:50 p.m. General warm-up
4:00 p.m. 800m & Distance goes out w/ Andrew, Craig & Jami (3-8 miles)
400m & Sprinters: Killer Cap Warm-up. Then outside: 3x20m w/ 5 min. recovery walk
Jumpers – same as sprinters, then skills
Vaulters – same as sprinters, then skills
Throwers – Inside
5:00 p.m. Weight room open

Tuesday, 3/20/18 Q1
4:05 p.m. Distance – 6-10x800m
800m – 6-8x600m
Long Sprinters - 6x300m (50-54, 55-60)
Short Sprinters - 10x200m (35-37, 39-41)
Throwers - Inside
Vaulters – 6-8x200m
Jumpers - 6-8x200m
5 p.m. Weight room open

Wednesday, 3/21/18
3:35 p.m. Meet in gym - PICTURE DAY!
Long & Triple Jumpers will work w/ Coach Wesen immediately after pictures. All else:
5 p.m. Weight room open

Thursday, 3/22/18 Q2
3:35 p.m. Meet in Room 1
3:50 p.m. HILLS then Skills & drills in weight room, up top or in hall after. Distance 3-6 miles total
(Gym decorating going on)

Friday, 3/23/18
3:35 p.m. Meet @ track
3:45 p.m. 5 min. jog around track
3:50 p.m. General warm-up/core conditioning/Hurdle Mobility Drills
4 p.m. Distance: 3-6 EZ
Sprinters: 20m Starts, relays, Skills & drills in weight room, up top or in hall after
Throwers: Tires?, weight room
Vaulters - 20m Starts, relays, Skills & drills in weight room, up top or in hall after
Jumpers - 20m Starts, relays, Skills & drills in weight room, up top or in hall after
5 p.m.

Saturday, 3/24/18
10 a.m.
DISTANCE/800m - 3-8 miles 5-4-3-2-1 - on track
400m - 2x(300F, 100J, 300F)
100/200M - 30m starts, technique
Throwers Skills & drills in weight room, up top or in hall after
Vaulters - Skills & drills in weight room, up top or in hall after
Jumpers - Skills & drills in weight room, up top or in hall after

Week #1 Tentative Practice Schedule
Monday, 3/12/18
3:35 p.m. Meet in gym
3:40 p.m. Go over rules, philosophy, lunches, etc.
4:00 p.m. Distance goes out w/ Craig & Jami (3-8 miles) - all else circuit work
5 p.m. Weight room

3:35 p.m. Meet in gym
3:40 p.m. Jog to bottom of Cemetery Hill (except throwers)
3:50 p.m. Pole runs: Run up 2, walk down 1
4:00 p.m. Distance - finish off mileage to total 3-6 miles
Throwers - inside drills
Sprinters/jumpers/vaulters: skills & drills afterwards
5 p.m. Weight room open

Same as Monday

Thursday Q1
3:35 p.m. Meet in gym
3:45 p.m. 5 min. jog in gym
3:50 p.m. General warm-up/core conditioning
4 p.m. DISTANCE - 6-10x800m, 75-85 B, 90-100 G, 3 min. Rec.
800M - 600's Dist., 400's Spr. (5@75)
400M - 6x300m (50-54, 55-60)
100/200M - 10x200m (35-37, 39-41)

3:35 p.m. Meet in gym
3:40 p.m. 5 min. jog in gym
3:50 p.m. Extended General warm-up/core conditioning
4:10 p.m. Distance 4-6 miles w/ 4 strides
Skills & Drills Day
5 p.m. Weight room open

10 a.m. ???

Tentative Meet Schedule
Monday, February 26th - Track Meeting, 3:30 p.m. Room #1 (quick preview of the season)
Monday, March 12th First Day Of Practice, 3:30 p.m.
Thursday, March 29th, Glasgow Invitational, 9 a.m.
Wednesday, April 4th, Cal Wearley Invitational in Havre
Saturday, April 7th, Baker Invitational
Monday, April 16th, Scottie Qualifier, Noon
Saturday, April 21st, Sidney Invitational
Saturday, April 28th, Fairfield Invitational in Great Falls
Tuesday, May 1st, Northeast Top Ten, 3 p.m.
Friday, May 4th, Wolf Point Invitational
Saturday, May 12th, 2B & 3C District in Glasgow
Saturday, May 19th, Northern B Divisional in Great Falls
Thursday-Friday-Saturday, May 24-26th, Class B State Meet in Laurel

Also may attend Hinsdale and Nashua meets in Glasgow, days to be determined.

Hips & Glutes Workouts
Uniform Washing Instructions!!!

With the new uniforms, please DO NOT iron! I'd stay away from really hot water cycles too. The complete uniform washing instructions are available below:

Uniform Washing Instructions

Links For Parents
Sports Forms are available on the school's website. Just click on the Forms link on the left hand side of the page.

You can take a look at our coaching philosophy here.

We know that the schedule will change slightly due to weather and other considerations.
But I think it's good for parents to know what days the athletes will be having really hard practices and will be most tired when they come home. We'll have one HIGH QUALITY DAY (Q1 on the calendar) each week. We'll work very hard on conditioning on these days!

This is the day we really want to focus on as a team - and it's good to encourage your athletes to get a little more sleep, and eat a little better the night before.

Typically, if we have only a Saturday meet that week, the Q1 day will come on a Tuesday. It floats a little bit due to other meets, but that's the typical day. These are the worst days to miss, so we hope everyone really makes an effort to be there those days.

Of course, we will still work on the other days of the week, but those may be more skills, an easy run or some very fast running but not a lot of volume.

GHS Lettering Requirements
as of Sunday, February 8, 2015
Event Boys Girls
100m 11.5 13.3
200m 23.8 28.0
400m 54.4 65.0
800m 2:08.00 2:40.00
1600m 4:55.00 5:55.00
3200m 10:55.00 13:00.00
100/110m Hurdles 16.7 17.0
300m Hurdles 44.8 52.0
Long Jump 19' 14' 6"
Triple Jump 39' 5" 30' 6"
High Jump 5' 8" 4' 8"
Pole Vault 10' 6" 7' 6"
Discus 125' 90'
Shot Put 42' 6" 30'
Javelin 150' 90'

Athletes may also letter by placing at District or Divisional meets, including as a participant on a relay team.
Class B Qualifying Standards

100 Meters 13.3
200 Meters 27.2
400 Meters 01:02.0
800 Meters 02:26.0
1600 Meters 05:33.0
3200 Meters 12:21.0
100Meter Hurdles 16.6
300 Meter Hurdles 48.6
Shot Put 34'11”
Discus 108'
Javelin 116'
High Jump 4'10”
Long Jump 15'8"
Triple Jump 33'8”
Pole Vault 9'
400 Meter Relay 52.2
1600 Meter Relay 04:19.0

100 Meters 11.6
200 Meters 23.3
400 Meters 52
800 Meters 02:02.0
1600 Meters 04:42.0
3200 Meters 10:27.0
110 Meter Hurdles 16.3
300 Meter Hurdles 42
Shot Put 46'10”
Discus 136'
Javelin 165'
High Jump 6'
Long Jump 20’1"
Triple Jump 41'1”
Pole Vault 12'
400 Meter Relay 45
1600 Meter Relay 03:34.0

Coach: Tim Phillips