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Glasgow Invitational 2017 Results
Thanks for all who came out for another northeast Montana windy day! Temps started in the 40's and "warmed" to the low 60's this afternoon, but South winds steady at 15 mph w/ gusts to 28 mph hampered some great performances, and kept it from being a great weather day.

Thanks once again also to ALL the helpers/workers/volunteers who come together to make this huge event happen! We had 215 boys and 145 girls with entries in the meet.


Full meet results

Top 6 Placers

Team Scores

2017 Glasgow Invitational Heat/Flight Sheets
Here are the preliminary seedings. I didn't include entry marks, but if enough of you want them, I can put them on tonight so you can see what marks we all made up.

Heat Sheets

Vertical Flight Sheets

Horizontal Flight Sheets

Keep in mind, the Girards like to group their sheets by team to make it a little easier to get through the massive amount of jumpers. They, as all our event workers will do, will try very hard to accommodate your athletes in multiple events. But remember, PLEASE have your athletes communicate with each field judge if they have to report to another event!

Glasgow Invitational 2017 Update #1
Event Worker List

Hey Coaches - I've put up the worker's list at We've tried really hard to minimize the work that coaches have to do.

For most class C schools, you'll just have one coach to work one gender of one event. For the B schools, you'll have to have one coach at one gender of 2 events. Thanks to those who are covering a little bit more for me. There's a funeral that many of my workers will be at on Saturday morning, so I really do appreciate your help!

I overloaded most events so that you can cover each other if one of your athletes is competing elsewhere at that moment. Obviously, everyone can't get away for everything, but I'm hoping that you'll help each other out so that we can all enjoy the day!

A couple other notes: we'll have pizza and pop for the workers, and donuts & coffee for all coaches. 

We will be weighing implements early, so if you'd like their weight verified, show up a little early. It's a lot of work for Coach Nelson, but a service we think is important, with qualification standards all in place. 

Concessions and bathrooms will be available under the grandstands. 

One other note: there will be a small gate charge for fans at our meet this year. We're definitely seeing lots of wear and tear on the facility, and this hopefully will help to further upkeep and repairs. 

And, again, I made the entry deadline late this year, mainly because I'm an idiot. But, if you have any changes, please do them before noon Friday. We'll double check TRACK events on Saturday morning. I'll post heat sheets early Friday afternoon.

See you Saturday!

Glasgow Invitational 2017
We hope to see you on April 1st! We'll try to move through the events fairly quickly, but will also allow some time to keep the athletes safe.

We also will be weighing in implements starting shortly after 8 a.m., so if you would like yours weighed, we will try to accommodate you the best we can.

Coaches Letter

Download the 2017 Schedule here.

Coach: Tim Phillips